Collage of the Year // 2018

Goodbye 2018….. HELLO 2019!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s amazing how fast this year has gone. I can hardly believe that were entering 2019!!! When I was little, I though we would never reach the numbers 2 0 1 9. It was an unusual number that was far away. Now I’ll get to write it tomorrow. It’s interesting how that happens. When our someday or one day, turns into today or tomorrow.

I’ve had quite a lot of ‘one days’ this year… I moved!!! I never thought that would happen. I knew one day it would, but when that day came, it was surreal. I got to witness a few ‘one days’ with my Brides & Grooms. The day they had dreamed of had finally come! I got to photograph a pianist and her piano, that is something I have dreamed about for years!! (Her blog post is coming soon.;)) Through it all, I’ve come to appreciate not living for the future. I learned to live in the here and now, looking forward to the future, but not missing the present.

Speaking of not missing the present, I'‘m going to close/post this post and join my family. Happy New Years to you all and may 2019 be the best year yet!!!

3rd Annual Collage of the Year

 Note: Due to the lack of space and out of respect to clients, I was not able to display all my favorite images, but please know that I loved every moment I got to spend with each of you! You all make it possible for me to keep doing what I love. <3

Portraits from Treasured Moments Studio




Happy New Year to all!

Jusqu'à la prochaine fois,