Alex & Aleah // Federal Way Engagement

Meet Alex & Aleah who are two amazing people that God made perfectly for one another!

On an unusually sunny and beautiful January day, Alex, Aleah, my assistant, and I went to Dash Point State Park to capture their engagement images. The day was amazingly gorgeous for a Saturday afternoon in January!! 

I don't want to keep you at the start of this post for to long. I do want to share how I know this adorable couple, but before I do that I'm going to give you a few fun facts about Alex and Aleah.

They grew up together as kids, they lived right down the road from each other, they both have a personal relationship with Christ, they each come from a family with lots of kids, they started dating January last year, they got engaged in September (9 months after dating), their wedding is set for this April, and their (ship) name is Alexiah.

A love that grows stronger with each passing day.
Hand in hand. Together. Forever
— Anonymous

I am so thrilled for this beautiful couple, not only because I was able to photograph such a unique and important moment in their life, but our friendship runs much deeper than photographer and clients. You see, Aleah and I have known each other since I was 9. We attended the same church and played together every Sunday. On one of those Sundays, when Aleah and I were much older and more content with a conversation then playing on the playground, she turned to me and said, "One day, when I get married, you're going to be in my wedding." As the years went by and the two of us grew and were molded into the people we are today. Aleah and I kept in touch, talking here and there, saw each other at birthday parties and weddings. Only one special January day in 2017, I emailed Aleah and learned there was a guy that had captured her heart. With everything that she told me about this "Amazing" guy. I knew that he was perfect for her and that they would one day marry. Now, fast forward to last September, when she told me she was engaged, she said, "I can now officially ask you be a bridesmaid. Do you want to be one?". Well, of course I said, "YES!" 


He knows exactly what to do to make me feel adored
— Aleah ~ The Bride

I can’t picture life with anyone other than you.
— Anonymous

When I ask Alexiah, <3 I just love that <3, what their favorite quote/song lyric/song was, Aleah whispered, "My Favorite Person". Alex almost immediately exclaimed that, "Yes! That's what we have called each other since we started dating!" This is so unique to them and this will forever be such a neat memory! 

"No longer two but ONE." ~Matthew 19:6

Since Alex & Aleah became engaged, they have started to live out this verse. While making preparations for their big day, to the plans for this session, I loved seeing these two people work as one. 

BTW, don't you just love this knot!?!?!?! TYING THE KNOT!!!!


Isn't this ring GORGEOUS????????????? I can't stop looking at it!!! Didn't they do an awesome job picking it out!? You should see their wedding rings! WOW, is all I can say!!!!! JUST WOW!!!!

"And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him, a threefold cord is not quickly broken." ~Ecclesiastes 4: 12

No matter how old you both get, never stop holding hands, never stop dancing, and never stop saying, "I Love You."


Collage of the Year // 2017

The end of 2017....... WOW!

I'm still trying to wrap my mind around how fast the year flew by! This year, like last year, brought some of the most amazing people into my life and I learned so much while working with them. Through both teaching piano and photography, I was personally stretched outside of my introverted comfort zone. I learned more aspects of running a business, balancing personal life and commitments with deadlines for projects. I climbed a mountain, went rock climbing, saw the sites of Seattle, organized and ran a photography team, photographed two conferences, and a handful of events. Learned how to communicate even better with people, and I faced one of my big fears. Heights. (Whew) With all that said, I am so excited to start 2018 and G R O W!! I know I will, because God continually molds us to become more like Him. As I look on this last year and I see a few of the wonderful experiences I have had, my heart is full with thankfulness. I started off the year wondering if 2017 could be better than 2016, but with (it seems like) a snap of a finger, I'm here welcoming 2018 with my question answered. YES, each year will be better and even more challenging than the last. I think I would like to close out my thoughts by posting something that my very talented sister wrote for Christmas Day. Her last few sentences especially affected me and encourages me as I greet the new year, 2018. 

"The weekend we have all worked so hard for... is at last here. Gifts are wrapped, goodies are made, halls are decked, the familiar presence of family is around and all together. Through all the festivities, turn your thoughts to not just gifts under the tree, but above. For one minute, walk outside, stand there in silence, look up at the sky, and breathe. I encourage you all in everything you do, find ways to put Christ in Christmas. Even in the little things, glorify our Savior above. Christ's spirit - that makes our hearts glow in brotherly love and friendship that prompts us to kind deeds of service. While you stand there, open your heart and pray. Pray a silent prayer to give without sparing, share without pretending, trust without wavering, forgive without punishing, promise without forgetting, speak without accusing, and to listen without interrupting. P u t  C h r i s t  i n  C h r i s t m a s. Have a Merry Christmas everyone! Have a wonderful day tomorrow!" ~ Sarah - my sister

2 Annual Collage of the Year

Last year, I placed a few of my top favorite sessions/events and landscape/food images, into a collage. This year, I decided to make it a annual tradition. Note: Due to the lack of space and out of respect to clients, I was not able to display all my favorite images, but please know that I loved every moment I got to spend with each of you!

Portraits from Treasured Moments Studio
Landscape from Treasured Moments Studio

Treasured Moments Studio's Portraits of 2017

Treasured Moments Studio's Landscape of 2017


Treasured Moments Studio's Portraits of 2016

Treasured Moments Studio's Landscape of 2016

Happy New Year to all!

Jusqu'à la prochaine fois,


David, Madi, & Owen // Port Orchard Family Session

Meet the beautiful Hageman family!!!!

Honestly, if I could only use two words to describe this session, beautiful and inspiring would be at the top of my long list. It is one of my FAVORITE sessions!!! Okay, every session is my favorite, but it's the people that really make it memorable. I loved the opportunity to meet David, the man Madi completes, and meet their firstborn whom they have prayed for fervently. Madi and I had crossed paths at piano recitals, but never really had the chance to chat. When we started making plans for this session, I was so glad to get to know this beautiful person. She is such a gem! Madi and David were so comfortable and joyful during our shoot. They are such a kind and flexible couple and parents. I felt like I had known them for years!! They exude the joy of the Lord!


During the session, I learned how David and Madi used to visit this very park as kids! It was neat to hear how they had played with their siblings at the park, and now, they were visiting the park for the first time as a married couple AND parents holding their sweet baby boy! I had no idea when I chose the location, but it was a part of God's perfect plan.

While taking little Owen's pictures, his parents and I oohed and aahed over the little movements he made. Owen shared a little of his sense of humor with us in image four! He is such a handsome little guy and I loved the chance to hold him!! <3

Ten little fingers and ten perfect toes, fill out heart with love that overflows.
— Anonymous

While taking photos and talking with them, David & Madi would sweetly talk to one another. Their outlook on life and love for each other is beautiful to see. They were so genuine in front of the camera. It was so easy to enjoy taking their photos!

I’ll never finish falling in love with you.
— Anonymous

Madi and David's love and care for their little guy had warmed my heart. They know the utmost importance of treasuring every moment together. Little Owen is a miracle made perfectly from God. Owen is a blessing from the Lord. Psalms 127.3. 

Their love for the Lord and caring hearts is so beautiful. I am so privileged to know them. 

20170915 (21).jpg

"Together is a beautiful place to be."


Ukulele Tones and Sunny Days

I am so excited to introduce you all to Grace! Getting the chance to photograph this beautiful girl was such a privilege and visiting with her was so special!

Grace is such a beautiful person who loves expressing her heart through music, family ministry, and most of all her love for the Lord. She has a beautiful voice that echoes her heart for Christ. Grace is an amazing singer and songwriter and she recently released an album called, Where I Belong. Her album is beautiful and when I asked her which song was her favorite, she responded, "I love each song differently, because I was writing them at different moments in my life. Each song represents what I went through while I was at different places on the road." What you all might not know, is that Grace and her family travel the world in a bus and a mini van sharing the gospel and singing music that they have written. Grace plays the ukulele, mandolin, and piano. Her favorite instrument is the ukulele and I so enjoyed her playing while I photographed her. Grace is a modest person who allows Christ to shine through her and she has been able to impact so many people through her life. God has blessed her with a beautiful voice and she and her family join in song to glorify Him.


Hello and Welcome to Treasured Moments Studio!!!

Creating this website has been a desire of mine for quite a while now and I am so thrilled to see it come to light!

When I was very young and I discovered how a camera worked, well, let’s just say that I have been clicking the shutter ever since. I started with sunrises/sunsets, flowers, and my Dad gratefully handed over the job of organizing all the photos to me! (Nothing gets lost........ Well sometimes, but it always gets found!) ;) I continually strive to be au fait (detailed in knowledge) in photography. It has always been so important to me to define each image I take. How can I see my setting differently, how could I make this picture better, how can I turn this 100 word picture, into 1,000? "Photography for me is not looking, it's feeling. If you can't feel what your're looking at, then your're never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures." -Don Mccullin  

I have always loved looking at photos, whether it be a family Christmas picture, birth announcement, a wedding gallery, to photos on someone's fridge. When I realized that photographing such an important moment in anyone's life could bless them for years to come, I couldn't wait to start this business. Being able to photograph… no, being a part of an important moment in a person's life is such a privilege to me.

I hope that you will enjoy the sessions posted and thoughts that I share. Leave me comments!! I love hearing from you!

Jusqu'à la prochaine fois,