The Michener Family // Grandview Family Session


Meet The Michener Family!!!!

My family and I have known this awesome family for almost 8 years!!! Their orchard is family owned and they sell delicious, wholesome produce to the public. For 5 of the years that we have known them, my family would go out to their farm, in Grandview, WA, and serve as volunteers on one of their biggest festival weekends. The 4th of July, Blueberry Days!!!!!! This was always one of the trips that made my year. From serving several thousands of people on one day, to making new friends at potluck each night, the Michener's were always welcoming, encouraging, and very generous. 


"The most important thing in the world is family and love."

John Wooden

Mr. & Mrs. Michener are hard working people, fully dedicated to their children, God, and farm. Their joy through every aspect of their work shines through, and their caring hearts for people touches so many.


The Michener kids are photogenic and REALLY FUNNY!!!!


Andrew is the 4th oldest, 3rd boy in his family, and is hard working, funny, and dedicated to what he puts his hands to. Once I completed the Andrew's portraits, he immediately went to work on the farm. He's dedication is a tribute to his parents.

Sweet Kalley!!! Beautiful, kind, and funny describes this neat girl. She is the 5th oldest, 2nd girl, and serves her family in so many ways. The last time I was out to the farm, Kalley and I worked together at the Up-pick stand. She really impressed me by her thoroughness and kindness to the customers she worked with.


Luke is the 4th boy, and 6th in his family. Funny, outgoing, and adventurous are just a few of the words that describe him. I was laughing the entire time I photographed him and was pleasantly surprised at the personality of this young man. 

Lovely Lindsey!!!! This girl is quiet, but when you get her talking, there is another layer that not many people get to see. A really neat person!!! She is the 3rd girl, 7th in her family, and a twin!!!!!! I meet Lindsey when she was three and thought she was so cute! I am pleased to report that she has maintained her cuteness and is growing into a lovely young lady.

Levi is the 5th boy, 8th in the family, and Lindsey's twin! Kind, diligent, and neat describes a part of Levi. He has some of the blue-est eyes I have ever seen. Blue eyes does run in this family and these kids are blessed with them!

Little Nate!!!!! Nate is the youngest in the Michener family and the 6th boy. He is funny, charming, and so cute/handsome!! It's so fun to see his personality come out as I get to know him. He does everything his siblings do, and he can hold a conversation with anyone, any age. This little man is growing up and his humor is beyond funny.

We didn’t realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun.
— Winnie the Pooh
Like branches on a tree, we grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one. Each of our lives will always be a special part of each other.
— Anonymous