A little detail on Students, Lessons, Curricula, Events, Rates, and TMS.

Students? Maria accepts young ladies ages 5 and up, and gentlemen ages 5 - 14. She teaches beginner and intermediate students while using an eclectic approach.

Lesson Details? Piano lessons are taught weekly, Tuesday - Thursday, in YOUR HOME. Students take lessons from the beginning of September through end of June.

Rates? Weekly piano instruction ranges from 30 minutes, 45 minutes, to 60 minute lessons. To find out about the per month lesson rate, please contact me.

Scholarship Rates? A scholarship rate is available and all new (and current) students are eligible to start at this rate. To find out about the Scholarship Rates, please contact me.

Curricula? Beginning pianists learn with a curriculum that will propel them at some point into classical music. In lessons, students can learn:

  • sacred music/hymn prov, composition/improvisation,

  • theory and music history,

  • scales, chords, arpeggios, technique,

  • solo and duet performance, performance mindset,

  • ear training and sight reading,

Events? Recitals/festivals, adjudications, competitions, and more are supported by our local and state music chapter.

Origin of the Name!

You might ask why the name, Treasured Moments Studio? During my composition writing, I wrote a piece and placed lyrics to it. The words expressed what I wanted to do with my photography and musical abilities. We appreciate all treasured moments, because they are from God. A line from the song, Treasured Moments. "Treasured moments I find in You, They're sweeter still as You walk me though."