• I am now accepting students in the Centralia, Chehalis, and surrounding area.

  • Currently accepting students! Feel free to contact me about an audition or any questions you may have!!!


See specific details about each program at the ‘PIANO CALENDAR’ page.


Excellent Achievers Challenge Congratulations: Rhea H, Anna B, Leia DC, Giselle DC!

2018 A+ Honor list: Anna B, Leia DC, Giselle DC, Rhea H!!!

Winter Recital: Well done at the recital students!! If you have videos or photos, please send them to me. Keep an eye on the !!Celebrate!! page to see a recital recap!

September 3rd - Lessons Resume

November 25th - 29th - No Lessons - Thanksgiving Break

December 8th - Winter Recital

December 17th - January 2nd - No Lessons - Christmas Break

January 7th - Lessons Resume

January 7th - Excellent Achievers Challenge

March 8th - Playoff Recital

March 9th - Music Artistry Program

May 8th - Music Literacy Program (Ribbon Festival)