Thank you for visiting our site and considering mes as a photographer to capture a special moment in your life! You have probably seen many photography sites and are wondering who to choose. As much as I would love to say 'pick me', I can't make that decision for you. Instead, I would like to share with you what photography means to me and how I want to best serve YOU. 

Photography is a beautiful art that captures our emotions and tell a story worth 1,000's of words. I started with my family's point and shoot camera trying to capture every beautiful flower and sunset that I saw. Being under 10 years old, at that time, I had to take a photo of everything! I loved it! <3 Now, I have a secret to tell you! I never liked photographing people! (gasp) I always found it to hard, so I didn't! Little did I know that people were the true treasure. Flowers and sunsets can be beautiful, but the special moments in the lives of people that impact each other, is what's remarkable. Being able to share in your special moments by being your photographer, and I hope, friend, would bring me such elation. You are the story that makes the photograph and I can only serve you best by telling your story. The big moments in your life, like your senior portraits, the birth of your little blessing, or your wedding day, the moment that will be like none other. Photographs of your growing little ones, or your family holiday photos. Sending these to your family, friends, or placing your beautiful images on the wall of your home, shares how God has blessed you. At the end of the day, it's truly about the family gathered around you and cherishing the photos that captured your once in a lifetime memories. It would be my delight to provide you with photos that will last you FOREVER