David, Madi, & Owen // Port Orchard Family Session

Meet the beautiful Hageman family!!!!

Honestly, if I could only use two words to describe this session, beautiful and inspiring would be at the top of my long list. It is one of my FAVORITE sessions!!! Okay, every session is my favorite, but it's the people that really make it memorable. I loved the opportunity to meet David, the man Madi completes, and meet their firstborn whom they have prayed for fervently. Madi and I had crossed paths at piano recitals, but never really had the chance to chat. When we started making plans for this session, I was so glad to get to know this beautiful person. She is such a gem! Madi and David were so comfortable and joyful during our shoot. They are such a kind and flexible couple and parents. I felt like I had known them for years!! They exude the joy of the Lord!


During the session, I learned how David and Madi used to visit this very park as kids! It was neat to hear how they had played with their siblings at the park, and now, they were visiting the park for the first time as a married couple AND parents holding their sweet baby boy! I had no idea when I chose the location, but it was a part of God's perfect plan.

While taking little Owen's pictures, his parents and I oohed and aahed over the little movements he made. Owen shared a little of his sense of humor with us in image four! He is such a handsome little guy and I loved the chance to hold him!! <3

Ten little fingers and ten perfect toes, fill out heart with love that overflows.
— Anonymous

While taking photos and talking with them, David & Madi would sweetly talk to one another. Their outlook on life and love for each other is beautiful to see. They were so genuine in front of the camera. It was so easy to enjoy taking their photos!

I’ll never finish falling in love with you.
— Anonymous

Madi and David's love and care for their little guy had warmed my heart. They know the utmost importance of treasuring every moment together. Little Owen is a miracle made perfectly from God. Owen is a blessing from the Lord. Psalms 127.3. 

Their love for the Lord and caring hearts is so beautiful. I am so privileged to know them. 

20170915 (21).jpg

"Together is a beautiful place to be."