November 21 - 24 - Thanksgiving Break - NO LESSONS

December 8th- Winter Recital

WHERE:  Teacher's home!
WHEN: 6:00pm
ATTIRE: “Sunday Best"


Out of courtesy to the pianists sharing their pieces and our audience listening, please take note of the following. Good etiquette involves no talking, (the pianist can most likely hear it, as can our audience), no walking around while the pianist is playing (please enter/exit between pieces), etc. Taking photos during the recital is encouraged, although, please make sure the camera produces no sound. If you must use a flash for your camera, please take the photo before your child starts to play. Videos are encouraged as well! Thank you for taking note of these formalities and encouraging our pianists! 

December 19 - 31 - Christmas Break - NO LESSONS

January 2nd - Lesson resume

Students, please take a moment to read the following details:

  • Collect your current music books, theory books, flash cards, etc, so we can start them again.
  • Make sure your music binder is ready for use and in good condition.
  • Go to the Student Area and print several copies of the practice form, RIGHT hole punch the forums, and place them in your binder.
  • Make sure your nails are at an appropriate length to be able to play!

Let me know if you have any questions!)