Let me start by saying how excited I am to photograph this very special and important moment in your life. I look forward to getting to know you more and capturing photos for you to treasure for a lifetime. During your photo session, let me know what your preferences are as well. Please let me know if there is anything you would like to change or do differently as we take photos. 

Please read the entire questionnaire before you answer. Thank you! :)

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Your Current Address
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Your Future Address
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Logistics and Location:
What month will your wedding be taking place?
What month will your wedding be taking place?
If a day has not been finalized, you can place an estimate date. :)
Keep in mind that if you are printing your images to send with beautiful invitations, you will need to factor the following: My time to process the session, your decisions on which images to print, the printing process (whether you do it or go through a company), and the shipping time to send the invitation. (If you still need help determining what month, feel free to leave this section blank.)
If you have always dreamed of a sunset shoot, late afternoon, or even early morning. Let's make this happen! You know where you live and your location best.
Will you be using the following:
Will you be using the portraits TMS takes to send with invitations, etc..?
If you have ideas of where you would like to go, list them here or if not, I can look around. In the case that we have already finalized a location, you can list the name here.
Location(s) Address 1
Location(s) Address 1
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Location(s) Address 2
Session Information
Do you like a country, modern, city, beach or formal look, etc.
Will you need help determining what outfits/colors to wear for the shoot?
You can change your outfits at least twice during the session.
Formal, country, etc.....
Props cover everything from signs, hats, boots, scarves/shawls, books, instruments, a sign for the day or year you are getting married, etc..... Please list any props you would like to bring!
Send me examples if you have TONS! I know I would!!!!
Final Questions
Posting images of sessions that I have done and reviews from my clients help support the growth of my business. From the social media selections below, please choose which sites you are comfortable with Treasured Moments Studio using images of you for publicity. Facebook Instagram TMS Website
If you selected the above sentence in the publicity box (Yes, but I have a question!), please share your thoughts here!
Payment Options *
Payment for the session is made by either cash or check. All checks will be made out to 'Maria Booy'. Notes: You will receive an invoice before the session. Also, if your engagement session is included in the wedding package, an invoice will be drafted to avoid multiple payments.