• I am now accepting students in the Centralia, Chehalis, and surrounding area.

  • Currently accepting students! Feel free to contact me about an audition or any questions you may have!!!


See specific details about each program at the ‘PIANO CALENDAR’ page.

July - August - No Lessons


Excellent Achievers Challenge Congratulations: Rhea H, Anna B, Leia DC, Giselle DC!

2018 A+ Honor list: Anna B, Leia DC, Giselle DC, Rhea H!!!

Winter Recital: Well done at the recital students!! If you have videos or photos, please send them to me. Keep an eye on the !!Celebrate!! page to see a recital recap!

September 3rd - Lessons Resume

November 25th - 29th - No Lessons - Thanksgiving Break

December - TBD - Christmas Recital

December 17th - January 2nd - No Lessons - Christmas Break

January 7th - Lessons Resume

March 8th - Playoff Recital

March 9th - Music Artistry Program

May 8th - Music Literacy Program (Ribbon Festival)